Five Things You Need to Know About Youth Protection Training 2

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Over the past 108 years The Boy Scouts of America have instilled the values of the Scout Oath and Law in millions of youth, preparing them to make ethical decisions while facilitating a secure environment for their development. Safe Scouting practices and youth protection are at the heart of the Boy Scouts of America and the Atlanta Area Council’s mission.

In order to continue providing a safe and secure environment for today’s youth, the Boy Scouts of America have developed a new version of the Youth Protection Training program taken by all volunteer and staff. The new training, which is fully supported and endorsed by the Atlanta Area Council, launched to the public this month.

Here are five things you need to know about the launch of the new Youth Protection Training:

1. What is Youth Protection Training 2?

Youth Protection Training 2 (YPT2) is the new Youth Protection Training for the Boy Scouts of America that covers all programs within the Boy Scouts of America. YPT2 is a comprehensive training that covers a variety of best practices for preventing, identifying and dealing with abuse.

2. How is YPT2 different from the previous training?

YPT2 replaces all previous Youth Protection Training. YPT2 is module-based and features survivors, as well as, nationally recognized experts to facilitate the training.

3. Is there a deadline for adult volunteers to acquire YPT2 training?

Yes, all registered leaders must complete the new YPT2 training by October 1, 2018.

4. Who is required to be YPT2 trained?

All Boy Scouts of America employees. All registered adult leaders and volunteers and any adult who will attend an activity that lasts 72 hours or longer.

5. How do I complete YPT2 training?

YPT2 is hosted on the ScoutingU webpage however it can be accessed in the same way that previous YPT was accessed by logging into Once logged in you will click on the Youth Protection Logo and continue to follow the prompts until your training begins. YPT2 includes three learning modules followed by a 25-question assessment; total time to complete 60-75 minutes.


If you have any questiosn about the changes to Youth Protection, please contact the Council Youth Protection Champion:

Kerry Patuka

You can also contact the Atlanta Area Council’s Safe Scouting and Operations Director:

Joshua Kirkham