Addison Nichols – Community Leader & Gentle Giant

Addison Nichols looks intense while holding a football in front of him with both hands while dressed in the University of Tennessee football uniform.

“I am not afraid to demonstrate my leadership skills in order to bring my team to victory.”

Addison Nichols is an imposing figure standing at 6’5″ and weighing 310 pounds. His size and athleticism make him one of the most sought-after offensive line recruits in the nation with offers from schools like Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Tennessee. Addison’s formidable physical profile makes an immediate impression when he steps into a room, but it is his gentle, compassionate demeanor that shines through when you meet him.

Addison is currently a senior at the Greater Atlanta Christian School (GACS), and an Eagle Scout with Troop 379 out of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Brookhaven. This past summer he committed to play at the University of Tennessee, becoming the highest-rated recruit in their class. While Addison’s reputation has grown from his on-field performance, his achievements in Scouting, academics, and his service to the community are what tell the full story.

“I believe that a true heart for service enhances athletic ability which is why I enjoy giving back to my community as frequently as possible.”

Addison always does his best to be a well-rounded individual. In addition to stellar athletic achievements, he maintains a 3.77 GPA, has made the honor roll every semester, and is a member of both the National Honor Society and the National Beta Club. Addison also regularly volunteers through his school, church, and Scout troop by supporting families with terminally ill children, providing home improvement services for the needy and elderly, packing and delivering boxes of food for the less fortunate, and much more. His selfless acts of service speak to his unwavering self-discipline and determination.

Cub Scout Addison Nichols smiles for a photo while holding his two Pinewood Derby trophies up.Tiger Scout Addison Nichols participates with a fellow Tiger Scout in folding a flag.Scout rank Addison Nichols smiles with elderly neighbor while holding open a box of delicious looking cupcakes for display.Addison Nichols along with an Assistant Scoutmaster watch as a fellow Scout cuts onions outside.Addison Nichols smiles for a photo while loading lumber into the back of a minivan at the front of a hardware store.Addison Nichols and fellow Troop members pose for a group photo while working on his Eagle Scout project.Addison Nichols smiles for a photo while pointing at his nearly complete Eagle Scout project.Addison Nichols, dressed in his Scout uniform, poses for a picture side by side with Samuel Beall Jr. who is holding his Silver Beaver Award.

While sports, particularly football, play a major role in his life, Addison fondly looks upon Scouts as a vital reason he became a more disciplined and motivated individual. Despite his very busy schedule, Addison took the time to interview with the Atlanta Area Council and discuss the impact Scouting has had on himself, and the important life lessons he learned on his journey.

What led you to join Scouts?

I joined as a Cub Scout to spend time with my dad. Also, my mom encouraged my dad and me to join. Being an only child, I really enjoyed all the time with the other boys! We had a fun group, and my dad even made friends with other adult leaders that to this day he still spends time with.

How has Scouts helped contribute to other parts of your life?

It has been very influential in my knowledge of real-life matters such as creating, planning, organizing, and finishing goals, and also how to survive in numerous outdoor situations.

How did you manage all your activities together?  You have multiple academic achievements, a 3.77 GPA, a 2nd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and you play football, golf, basketball, and track & field.  I think you should add juggling to the list as well because you certainly have been juggling all those activities.

That’s funny! Honestly, I tried one time and got close, but never fully finished learning juggling. I need to finish it so I can add it to the list! All my activities just became a routine for me. I got used to managing my time so I had everything done when it needed to be completed. I have also been a part-time employee at Kroger since I was 15 years old.

Have you always had so many activities or did you gradually add them on with time?

No, straight out the gate, I have always been doing a ton of activities. I’ve always been super, super busy.

What is your fondest memory of Scouting?

I can’t just pick one specific event because there are too many! I have to say that all the trips and events I did with my dad were my fondest memories because those were always the most fun for me.

What advice do you have for Scouts who find themselves in a similar position to yourself?

My advice would be to stick with it. I know that it can be difficult or, in some instances, even “not cool”. Trust me, becoming an Eagle Scout will be one of the most important, impressive, and influential accomplishments of your life. It is extremely special because it will set you apart from others, and set you up for future success. The things you learn from it and even the title alone makes you stand out in all aspects of life. To me, it is just as special as getting a Ph.D.! Your resume will always rise to the top when applying for jobs. The title is one of prestige and honor! Ask any Scout who didn’t get their Eagle Scout Award, and it will be a big regret, for sure! Also, if you are an athlete like I am, or have other time-consuming interests, be sure and start early and stay focused. The time can really slip upon you and there is no going past that 18-year mark!

Do you plan on continuing your involvement in Scouts?

Right now, I want to focus on football since I’m planning on playing professionally in the NFL after I graduate from the University of Tennessee. When I have children though I would like to be involved in Scouts as an adult leader. It would be a great way for me to bond with my children like my father did with me.

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Thank you Addison for interviewing with the Atlanta Area Council.