Alyson Snipes Found Her Passion

George and Alyson Snipes both found their dream jobs through Scouting. He is the Program Director for the Atlanta Area Council and she is the Resource Manager for High Falls State Park.

Long before they started these jobs, George invited Alyson to join his Venturing Crew. She came to the first meeting and was immediately elected President. Alyson became heavily involved in Venturing, earning her Silver Award and serving in the Atlanta Area Council Venturing Officers Association.

Alyson as a Venturer

George also invited Alyson to serve with him on Bert Adams Summer Camp Staff. “Working at camp had been life-changing for me,” George says, “and I wanted her to have that same experience.”

Alyson met a group of other girls on staff who dubbed themselves the Bert Adams Princesses. The girls worked together for a number of years and still keep in touch. It was these friends, she says, that encouraged her to go to Philmont.

Alyson went to Philmont to participate in the Roving Outdoor Conservation School program. During the two-week trek Alyson discovered her passion for wildlife conservation and decided to pursue a career in the field.

Since that trip to Philmont George and Alyson Snipes have gotten married, had a son and begun careers in their dream fields. Alyson works for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in High Falls State Park. George oversees the operation of Bert Adams and its summer camp program. And Timothy Snipes is a regular visitor at both camp and the park. In fact, Timothy made his first trip to Bert Adams when he was less than a week old.rocs-philmont-2007-231

The Snipes family are following their dreams and working in careers they’re passionate about. “My dad always said if you find something you’re passionate about, you’re going to find a way to do it,” Alyson says.

George Snipes is an Eagle Scout and the Program Director for the Atlanta Area Council. Alyson Snipes is a Venturing Silver Award recipient and the Resource Manager for High Falls State Park. Their son Timothy isn’t a Scout yet, but he already has a uniform hanging in his closet.