Anthony’s Passion for Archery

Anthony at the Olympic Archery Team Trials

Anthony Dukes in Boys' Life

Anthony Dukes in Boys’ Life

Crossing over from Cub Scouts in 2010, I was very eager to start earning merit badges. I  was excited to “learn to earn”. The academic process of earning a badge was straight forward, however I was anxious about the athletic badges. At Woodruff Scout Camp, I earned the archery merit badge and kept learning.I joined an archery team, learned from a elite coach and worked like crazy.

After a few years, I won the Georgia State Youth Archer of the year for 2014, winning state champion in indoor archery, outdoor archery, field archery and 3-D archery. Boys Life magazine wrote a “Headliner” blurb about me in the February 2014 issue, which was pretty cool.

Last September, I even traveled to Texas A & M University at College Station, Texas to compete in the U.S. Archery Olympic Team Trials. I was eliminated the first day, but I had an amazing time and was honored to be there…an exciting adventure that started with a Boy Scout Merit Badge!

By the way, I am still learning and earning… I just earned my 100th merit badge and 12th Eagle palm.

Anthony competes in an archery competitionAnthony at the Olympic Team Trials

This story was submitted by Eagle Scout Anthony Dukes of Troop 15 in Embry Hills, Atlanta, GA. Anthony is a competitive archer, who has earned 12 Eagle Palms.

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