Arnold Tells How Scouting Saved His Life

Though some kids at his school made fun of Arnold Andrade for being involved, Scouting saved his life on numerous occasions. Addressing donors, volunteers and leaders at the Golden Eagle Luncheon,  Arnold tells the story of how his Scoutmaster became a father figure in his life. He explains how he raised funds to go to camp, and hid from bullies in his uniform. He recounts a particular night when going to a Scout meeting saved his life.

Later, Arnold explains what’s happened to him since High School including his accomplishments at Benedict College. He also describes the benefits of earning the Eagle Scout rank. He ends by saying that we Scouts may not realize it at the time, but what we do is bigger than we think; after all, Scouting saved his life.

Arnold Andrade is an Eagle Scout from Troop 290 and a student at Benedict College.