Audrey’s Lifetime in Scouting

Audrey Bagby grew up in the Girl Scouts in Ohio. When she moved to Atlanta she started Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Units at her church.

She spoke to her pastor and volunteered to start Units for the children of the church. This started the second chapter of Scouting in her life. Audrey would go on to serve in numerous Pack and Troop leadership positions as her children grew up in Scouting.

Then, as her children grew up, Audrey became involved in Scouting at the District and Council levels. She began training other adults to be better campers and leaders.

Audrey has since worked with numerous Packs and Troops as well as the District and Council. And she’s raised three sons in Scouting. Her lifetime of commitment and service to Scouting has shaped the lives of hundreds of young people.

Audrey Bagby is a leader in Troop 1996, a volunteer in the Soapstone Ridge District and the mother of three Scouts.