CEO Chris Womack Shares How Scouting Shaped Him For The Future

In December 2021, the Atlanta Area Council was fortunate to have Chris Womack deliver the keynote address at the annual Golden Eagle Luncheon. Chris serves as the President, Chairman, and CEO of Georgia Power and is a longtime supporter of Scouting. His achievements in the business world and the Atlanta community are matched by few. His work in Scouting alone earned him the Silver Beaver award in 2010, an honor reserved for the most dedicated volunteers to a Council.

Scouting is about so much more than tying a knot or survival skills – it is teaching independence, confidence and compassion. It is shaping the character of the next generation of leaders in our country.

In his keynote address, Chris reflected on his time in Scouting and the sustained impact the program has had on his life. Through Scouting, he learned the importance of community and building one’s self-confidence – principles he believes were vital to his personal and professional development. The team-oriented attitude and environment found in Scouting is one he instills in his employees at Georgia Power today.

Chris understands his story is not totally unique and that alone demonstrates the true value of Scouting. Millions of youth are receiving the same growth and leadership opportunities Chris had when he was in Scouting. He believes Scouting is a program helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

I believe it is really important to acknowledge the history of any organization to understand its purpose and why it is the group it is today. The space in between one’s beginning, and the present is where the growth happens. It is where we constantly refine who we are, what we stand for and what difference we are making in the world.

Chris is a member of the board of directors of Essential Utilities, Inc., Georgia Ports Authority, and Invesco Ltd. He currently chairs the board of the East Lake Foundation, is on the national board of The First Tee, and is the chair of the board for the Alliance to Save Energy. Chris has chaired the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau board and the Atlanta Sports Council. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in political science at Clark Atlanta University. Most significant of all, his past experiences, compassion, and resilience have set him on a path of philanthropy. Witnessing the positive changes Scouts has created in communities has made him a long-term advocate of the program. It is, in large part, thanks to leaders like Chris Womack that Scouting has thrived and led the way for many generations.

Mike Doss and Chris Womack address each other at the Golden Eagle Luncheon podium.Chris Womack poses for a photo with Michael Dubose.Chris Womack and Tracy Techau have a laugh together.Chris Womack poses for a photo with an Eagle Scout and his mother.