Elijah’s Good Turn Has Now Become an Annual Act of Kindness

Do a Good Turn Daily

A good turn is a thoughtful act that can range from helping an elderly citizen cross the street, to donating to your local food bank, to saving a life – the possibilities are endless. Elijah of Troop 340, chartered to Marietta Sixth Grade Academy, is an active member in his community and the epitome of the Scout slogan – do a good turn daily.

Elijah’s acts of service have included helping pack 1,260 meals with Rise Against Hunger, handing out Christmas cards at the retirement community Delmar Gardens of Smyrna, dropping off utensil kits to MUST Ministries, creating a garden for the Early Learning Center, and so much more! But with Elijah being a servant leader, he continues to find other ways to contribute to communities through his good turns.

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, in late July 2020, Elijah, along with two other fellow high school classmates, Icesha and Ahubrey, took the initiative to organize a school supply drive for their former elementary school, Lockheed Elementary. It was a successful week-long event where they collected over 600 items to make 120 supply packs helping aid those affected by the pandemic.

In early August of 2021, Elijah once again stepped up and held another successful school supplies drive for students’ first day of school at Sawyer Road Elementary School. While all this began with a single step towards bettering the local community, Elijah’s plan is to continue to hold a school drive every year so that students and parents in need of help can be better prepared for the school year without having to worry about purchasing all the necessary supplies.

Let us all take a leaf out of Elijah’s book, and see what ways we may help our local communities in these difficult times so that we too may also do a good turn daily.