Faces of Summer Camp

We have had a great time this summer hosting over 6,800 Scouts at both Bert Adams Scout Camp and Woodruff Scout Camp. We had a chance to get out there this summer and show you some of the faces of camp.

Jabril – Troop 12, Assistant Scoutmaster, Atlanta Area Council

My Troop has been coming to Woodruff for seven or eight years. This is the first summer for a lot of them though and they are really looking forward to it. Woodruff has such nice facilities and the staff is always great.”

Jackson – 5th Year, Program Director

“Woodruff is a second home to me. I have been coming here since 2010 when I was a Cub Scout on the weekends. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!”

Ed – Troop 940, Volunteer – Central Florida Council

“I have been to FOUR camps this summer and you just can’t beat this weather! The mountains are beautiful and having a lake nearby is a great plus.

Woodruff Scout Camp Mountaineering Staff

At Woodruff Scout Camp our Mountaineer Program teaches basic outdoor skills to Scouts who are just learning about outdoor and survival skill. The program focuses on obtaining Tenderfoot through First Class rank advancement requirements. (Pictured L-R)

Joseph – 1st Year “I wanted to be on staff so I could be a role model for the Scouts. I loved coming to camp as a Scout and wanted to get paid to teach others the fun activities I love doing.” 

Aaron – 3rd Year “As a Scout, I always enjoyed my time at summer camp and I wanted to share what I have learned over the years. I typically teach archery but I wanted to try something new and inspire others to never stop learning.” 

Ryan – 3rd Year “My Troop has been coming to Woodruff for 14 years and some of my family have been on staff. Growing up I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my older brothers and keep the family tradition alive.” 

Avery – 6th Year “I like working with kids and never would have figured that out if it wasn’t for this position. When I was a Scout, I had a great experience with a counselor my first year who helped me through the transition of being away at camp for the first time. From there I knew that I wanted to “repay” in a sense what was given to me by becoming a counselor and helping others.” 

Cody – 1st Year “I struggled my first summer here as a Scout and I want to help other Scouts out if they are having a hard time adjusting to life away from parents for the first time.” 

Bert Adams Scout Camp STEM Camp Staffers

At Bert Adams, there is an emphasis put on to teach Scouts the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills. With a new STEM building at the camp, these staffers have the fun job getting kids excited about the Merit Badges. (Pictured L-R)

Nate – 5th year “I started working here because I wanted to help Scouts achieve Eagle Scout rank and to encourage others to keep with the program and stay involved.”

Kai – 1st Year “My Scoutmaster recommended me to apply and it has been a fun time and my coworkers are awesome and funny! I have enjoyed getting to know them and working here has been the best part of my summer.”

Jermain – 3rd Year “I like the atmosphere at camp since I am a city kid it is nice to get away from it all and be outdoors all summer. When I am working with the Scouts and give them the same if not a better experience at camp than I had it makes me feel great like I am giving back to the Scouting community.”

Alex – 4th Year “It’s fun! I love making new friends, they have become like family to me. By working at camp, I have learned how to work closely with others and lead a group of Scouts to love what I love.”

Clarice – 2nd Year “My Crew Advisors told me that I would have a lot of fun working at camp and they weren’t wrong! The staff has become like family to me. By working with the Scouts, I have become more confident when talking in front of others, which is something I struggled with before.”

Chris – Troop 700, Assistant Scoutmaster – Atlanta Area Council

“My Troop comes every year and I love the mountaineering program. As an Eagle Scout, I think it is great to have the Scouts have fun and learn new skills they can’t learn anywhere else.”

Tyler – 5th year, Handicraft

“Staffing camp is really fun because I can be as goofy as I want and the Scouts love it! I want to be the one the Scouts turn to when they are having a rough time and teach them how to be confident in themselves.

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