Faye Hammonds Saw Her Son Develop

Faye Hammonds began volunteering with Scouting when her eldest son joined the program. By the time both of her boys were Boy Scouts she was serving on the Troop Committee. She then served as a District and Council Volunteer.

Volunteering in Scouting helped Faye realize she wanted to do work that made a difference. She applied for a position as a District Executive in her District and has been a professional with the Boy Scouts of America ever since.

Looking back on years of experience both professionally and personally, Faye says that “Scouting has been a blessing” to her family. She sees the positive impact its on her life as well as the lives of her sons.

In particular, she sees how Scouting helped her younger son come out of his shell as a teenager. A natural introvert, he was not one to volunteer for things. However, time in leadership roles within the Troop helped him develop into well-rounded young man.

Faye remembers getting a phone call from him during his freshman year of college when he went out of his way to help a friend. Her son took time out of his day to help a friend search for a lost key card and found it using skills he learned in Scouting.

This is just one way, she says, that Scouting has affected her son. “Every time we’re gathered around the table telling stories,” she says, “it ends up coming back to something form Scouting.”

Faye Hammonds is a Field Director and the Scoutreach Director for the Atlanta Area Council. She has two Eagle Scout sons and served as a Unit and District volunteer prior to becoming a Scouting professional.