Volunteering at the Gone With The Wind Premiere

When he was a young Scout in 1939, Doug Cook did all kinds of community service. He and his Troop volunteered to do crowd control, trial clean-up and all sorts of other work around the city. Their most exciting work-day was the premiere of Gone with the Wind.

Multiple Troop from around the Atlanta Area Council volunteered to hold ropes for crowd control along the parade route leading to the premiere. Local dignitaries and celebrities rode through the city in convertibles. At the end of the parade, the Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh rode in a convertible with Atlanta Mayor Bill Hartsfield.

Doug’s Troop was stationed right in front of the Loew’s Grand Theatre, where the premiere was held. He still remembers the sight of that convertible pulling up and letting out two of the world’s biggest movie stars right in front of him. He says he could have leaned out and touched Clark Gable.

Crowds gather on Peachtree Street for the premiere of Gone with the Wind

Dec. 15, 1939 – Atlanta, Ga. – Crowds jam Peachtree Street for glimpse of Clark Gable. He and other Hollywood stars came to Atlanta for the premiere of ‘Gone With the Wind.’

Even though he didn’t get to meet the stars, Doug Cook still says that working the Gone with the Wind premiere was one of the best good turns he ever did.

Lawrence “Doug” Cook is an elder at Northwest Presbyterian Church in Sandy Springs. He volunteered with Troop 232, chartered to Northwest Presbyterian for over forty years. Before that Doug spent over twenty years in Scouting as a youth and an adult volunteer.