Henry Made Scouting a Priority

Scouting brought Henry to the state capitol to meet the governorHenry is a Life Scout in Troop 641, but he’ll be the first to admit that he has a lot more ahead of him.

Henry joined Scouting as a Tiger Cub at the urging of his father Jeff. The two of them enjoyed the Cub Scouting program together and Henry’s younger brother Noah got involved shortly after.

Then, when Henry entered high school things got a lot busier. He tried out for basketball, auditioned for plays, joined the marching band, got more involved at church and even got elected to student council leadership.

When commitments piled up, Henry started missing Troop meetings and had to skip a few outings. “I would look on my Troop’s website at the photos from the trips and realize what I was missing,” Henry said.

“As high school has gone on,” he says, “I’ve gotten better at time management…and I’ve realized that Scouting is a top priority, and making it to Eagle is a top priority.”

Henry learned how to balance his extracurricular activities just in time too, his younger brother is now catching up to him in the ranks. Watching his two sons approach the Eagle Rank, their father Jeff says “They’re very competitive and that competition has pushed them both to work harder to get to Eagle.”

And when some of Henry’s friends have questioned his commitment to Scouting over the last few years, Henry stood firm. “Why wouldn’t we tell people about it?” he asked. “I get to do all of these awesome things…and now people tell me, ‘It’s so cool that you’re following through with it.'”

Hear more about Henry’s story in the video below:

Henry is a Life Scout in Troop 641, chartered to Bascomb United Methodist Church in Woodstock, Georgia.