How Far Will You Go To Sell Popcorn?

Stefano and Gianluca Seta laugh together while holding popcorn.Stefano, Gianluca and Marco Seta pose for a photo with family friends on a soccer pitch.Stefano & Gianluca wearing their Cub Scout uniforms and holding popcorn bags, smile for the camera.Stefano, Gianluca and Marco Seta pose in the streets of Poggibonsi, Italy with a family friend.

From the beginning of autumn through early winter, Stefano and Gianluca Seta can be found pounding the pavement, selling popcorn with one goal in mind – becoming top sellers once again.

Since joining Pack 21 of Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Brookhaven, Stefano and Gianluca have made it their mission to reach the top – literally going the distance to achieve their goals. Each year Stefano and Gianluca visit their father Marco’s hometown in Poggibonsi, Italy. The industrious young Scouts saw the potential for popcorn sales in the small Tuscan town so they checked some boxes of popcorn along with their luggage and made their way for Italy.

Stefano and Gianluca Seta pose for a photo with a Delta Airlines ticket agent.
Stefano & Gianluca pictured with a Delta Ticket Agent who is an Eagle Scout!

When the brothers arrived in Poggibonsi, they set up a popcorn stand in the town square and got to work. The stand was such a novelty for the town that a long line of popcorn-hungry residents quickly formed. Converting dollars to euros for the growing line of customers was a challenge but after only 3 days of selling, Stefano and Gianluca were completely sold out of all their popcorn.

Stefano and Gianluca’s international success is inspiring and helped them become some of the highest sellers in the Atlanta Area Council! And though Italy might not be a realistic option for many of us, let’s remember to get creative and excited about selling popcorn!

To learn more about how your Scout can start selling popcorn, reach out to your Unit’s Popcorn Kernel and download our flyer!