How has your Scoutmaster impacted your life?

How has your Scoutmaster impacted your life? This is the question we asked Theo, from Southwest Atlanta district, how has your Scoutmaster impacted you. He replied, “Mr. Walker is just so involved! He will always make sure to invite me or send me to some event that I didn’t even know he was going to, and I will see him there at some other booth! He is just so involved in so many areas and he does them each so well. He is a mentor to each one of us in the troop.”

This mentorship has helped Theo thrive in Scouting and other areas in his life. As a junior in high school, he is taking classes at Atlanta Tech and has taken on leadership roles in Scouting, his church and other organizations he is part of. With the help of Scouting and his leaders, Theo has learned many valuable skills he will use for life including prioritization and leadership.

“Mr. Walker has inspired me to take on different roles, as he does. He can be your leader or friend, he can be whatever you need him to be and switch hats at a moment’s notice.”

While being in Student Government, Chess Team, Science Fair, Science Olympia Theo puts the skills Scouting has taught him to the test. He understands what it takes to switch hats at a moments notice and become the leader he needs to be in each situation.

“My biggest inspiration in Scouting is just trying to be the best, do one better and then get to where I am even better than that.”

Once Theo is finished with high school he hopes to go to college and is considering a double major in Computer Science and Psychology.

Most exciting Merit Badge earned: Archery, “where else in the middle of Atlanta can you shoot a bow and arrow!”

Least liked Merit Badge earned: Personal Management, “I earned it early on and did not know how to prioritize my time yet, so it helps me learn skills I just didn’t know how to do yet.”

Hardest Merit Badge earned: Swimming, “Actually doing it wasn’t that hard, just the thought of it kind of bothered me and everyone had built it up to be so intimidating but in reality, it was a lot of fun!”

We are looking forward to seeing what Theo does in Scouting and his life. Let us know in the comments how your Scoutmaster impacted your life for the better!