How Spooky-Ree brought a family closer together

Spooky-Ree is a series of fall-themed camping weekends held in September and October at Bert Adams Scout Camp. Over 6,000 Cub Scouts and their families participated in a fall festival, Wildlife Wonder’s nature show, pumpkin carving and decorating, archery, BBs, s’mores and a campfire. The highlight of the weekends was the Trick-or-Treating Trail for all Scouts and an extra spooky haunted trail for the older Scouts and adults.

Mike Steele, like many volunteers, enjoys the opportunity to Scout with his daughter and to be able to affect the lives of Cub Scouts and their families. Below is an interaction one of our volunteers had during Spooky-Ree.

“I would like to share an interaction that I had on the BB range during Spooky-Ree. A visibly frustrated mother told her Bear aged daughter that “Scouting is your thing and I’m just here”. I asked the mom if I could share something with her, I told her that Cub Scouting was an opportunity for parents to get to do something that we all too often don’t get to do anymore and that is spend time with our children. I told her that my daughter and I have had adventures through Scouting that we would not have had the opportunity nor motivation to have any other way. She thought for a moment and said “Thank you for that I have never really thought of it that way but you’re right”. She then became more engaged in helping her daughter. Her change of view was her decision so I take no credit for it but I’m certainly glad it occurred. 

Having the opportunity to Scout and staff events with my daughter gives me just that, so I do truly appreciate the opportunity. “

Yours in Scouting, Mike

This event could not have happened without the support of 300 plus volunteers. We thank you for your support and hope that everyone had a great time at this year’s Spooky-Ree!