The Importance of the American Flag

When a Scout originally from the UK joined her Cub Scout Pack, Jenny Chapin helped to teach him the importance of citizenship and the American Flag. The flag, she explained, is an important representation of a country as your home.

Though the Scout had moved from one country to another, he quickly understood the importance of respecting and appreciating his new home and it’s flag. He learned how to fold and care for the flag, and the importance of all of its symbols.

Later, when the Scout saw someone lowering an American Flag without ceremony and failing to fold it properly he went out of his way to teach them the proper procedure. And though he was not originally American, he taught this stranger the importance of respecting one’s home country and being a respectful citizen of the world.

Jenny Chapin is an attorney with Savell & Williams whose son is an Eagle Scout. The Chapin family support the Atlanta Area Council as volunteers and donors.