Jacob Murphey Still Uses His Scouting Skills

Jacob Murphey on KTTC TVHe may be a long way from his home in Marietta, but Jacob Murphey still remembers where he came from. Every day he uses something he learned as a Scout in his job as an Anchor Producer at KTTC-TV in Rochester, MN.

From the hours he spent organizing his Eagle Scout Service Project he learned how to juggle his daily deadlines. His Communications merit badge counselor taught him the public speaking skills uses on-camera each day. And perhaps most importantly, his fellow Scouts taught him how to work as part of a team to accomplish a greater goal.

While assembling a newscast may not seem much like building a fire or lashing together a gateway, Jacob Murphey is still using his Scouting skills.

“I spent more than half of my life as a Scout,” Murphey says, “and even though I’m up here in Minnesota, I keep in mind my time as a Scout…proudly ‘reppin Marietta’s Troop 797.”

Jacob Murphey is an Eagle Scout from Troop 797 in Marietta, Georgia. A graduate of Northwestern University, Murphey now serves as an Anchor Producer for KTTC, the NBC affiliate in Rochester, MN.