Jed Chapin Remembers His Philmont Trek

Philmont Scout Ranch is one of the Boy Scouts of America’s premiere high adventure bases. Scouts of all ages from all over the United States ┬áhave memories of their time at Philmont. Jed Chapin remembers it as one of his best Scouting experiences.

Jed’s Troop spent a weekend in Colorado on their way along the lengthy journey to Cimmaron, New Mexico. After their time at base camp they spent nine days in the back country. In the back country, Scouts can only bring what they are able to carry and so Jed and his friends hauled days worth of food and gear across the desert in 90 degree heat.

It was hard work and difficult travel, but Jed still remembers Philmont fondly as one of the best experiences he ever had in Scouting.

Jed Chapin is an Eagle Scout from Troop 525 in Norcross. He now works as a Technology Consultant for Accenture.