Jon Ingram Gave a Scout his Jacket

Before he became a District Executive, Jon Ingram worked on staff at Woodruff Scout Camp for seven summers.

During his time on camp staff Jon saw thousands of Scouts. “You just assumed you wouldn’t see them again outside of Summer Camp,” he says. However, there is one Scout he’ll always remember.

Driving back to Staff Housing on his golf cart one rainy evening he saw a Scout walking back to his campsite alone. The Scout didn’t have on a raincoat and was shivering in the cold mountain air.

Jon pulled the golf cart over, gave the Scout his jacket and offered him a ride back to his campsite. “I just assumed I wasn’t getting the jacket back,” he says. Later in the week the trustworthy Scout returned his jacket and thanked him during a camp-wide assembly.

Years later, when Jon had moved on from camp staff and started working for the Atlanta Area Concil he met the Scout again. Jon was visiting an Order of the Arrow event at Bert Adams when he passed this Scout on the road. The two remembered each other and had a short conversation about their run-in at Woodruff.

Jon says that the way that Scout perked up when they met will always stand out to him. “He puffed his chest up…and wanted to show me the Scout that he had become.”

Jon Ingram is an Eagle Scout from Atlanta and the District Director for the Foothills District. He served for seven summers on staff at Woodruff Scout Camp.