Kendall’s Favorite Merit Badges

This story was submitted by Eagle Scout Kendall Ingram who recently earned his 140th Merit Badge. He explains some of his favorite Badges and which ones were the most difficult for him to earn.

Kendall as a Cub Scout

Kendall as a Cub Scout

On February 28, 2009 at my friend Nile Dozier’s Eagle Scout Ceremony, Nile challenged me (as a Cub Scout) to continue through the ranks to Eagle Scout and earn every Merit Badge available.  I took that challenge to heart and was successful at it.

Sometimes it was challenging but I had a goal in mind and nothing was going to stand in my way. I have several favorite Merit Badges:


I enjoyed this merit badge because we went to the museum at Robins Air Force Base.  The museum showed a lot of history, but the best part was flying the plane in the simulators.  I also enjoyed spending the night on base in the camp ground and eating at the mess hall. Do you know that they can fill up a growing boy with food for very little money?


I took this one very seriously and enjoyed it greatly.  Another Scout and I, along with a couple of leaders, went on a long hike.  We went up to Vermont and hiked The Long Trail.  I got to travel and see places that I have never been before.  I also got to step into Canada briefly.

Scuba Diving

I actually got to learn how to scuba dive and then we went to Alabama, camped in a campground and got to dive in a rock quarry.  This was extremely fun and I am so ready to take this challenge on again.

Personal Management

This is the Merit Badge that I had the most difficult time earning. I kept going into debt so I had to redo the Merit Badge three times over.  I had just started my own business and wasn’t doing well with it which made this Badge very challenging for me to achieve.

The advice that I have for a new Boy Scout is to never give up.  Keep working on it because you will learn so much.  It will open doors for you.  It will also teach you lots of things.

Kendall points out his Troop's brick at Bert Adams

Kendall points out his Troop’s brick at Bert Adams

Completing all the Merit Badges helped me succeed on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test which will help me with my placement upon entering the United States Marine Corps after high school.

Kendall Ingram is an Eagle Scout from Troop 136 in the Southern Crescent. Kendall has earned all 136 available merit badges, along with four discontinued badges for a total of 140.