Kerry Patuka Reflects on her Son’s Development

Trey Patuka at Nayle“The most impactful moment of Scouting,” says Kerry Patuka, “is getting to set back and watch my son doing these things that every parent hopes for their child.”

While she was learning how to be a better volunteer leader at the Philmont Training Center, Kerry Patuka’s son Trey was a few miles away in the back country attending National Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE). He had come a long way from his days as a timid Tiger Cub.

“I remember him clinging to the seat belt,” Kerry said, “not wanting to get out of the car.”

Now, Trey is an Eagle Scout, an officer in the Order of the Arrow, and has attended nearly every leadership training Scouting offers to youth. He remains an active Venturer and attends a Scouting function nearly every weekend.

“As we were preparing to head out to Philmont…I asked him if he was nervous. And he just shrugged and said ‘No, not really.'”

Throughout the week at Philmont Kerry says she reflected on that comment and realized just how far her son had come during his time in Scouting.

Kerry Patuka is a member of the Atlanta Area Council’s Training Committee, a former District Commissioner and the parent of an Eagle Scout.