Kevin Magby Learned to Cook

Kevin Magby always enjoyed the outdoors as a boy. That was why a member of his church invited him and his family to join Scouting.

Kevin was excited to go camping, backpacking and hiking for the first time. He had always played outside, but never been out in the wilderness. He had no idea what to expect.

Most of the Scouts in Kevin’s Troop were much older than him when he joined. On his first camping trip they tried to suss out how much me knew, and it wasn’t a lot. They quickly took Kevin under their wing and taught him the basics.

Before the trip, Kevin’s Scoutmaster had asked what he wanted to eat on the camp out. “You can have anything you’d eat at home,” he said. Kevin had never cooked before. At home he just showed up to the table and ate whatever his mom put in front of him. So he thought about all of this and decided that he wanted his mom’s homemade grits.

Having never cooked before, Kevin had no idea how to make grits. The other Scouts taught him some simple cooking skills, but his grits burned and stuck to the pan. “It was a lot of work,” he remembers “and they didn’t really turn out.”

On future camping trips Kevin learned how to cook properly, but he still hasn’t mastered his mom’s recipe for grits. “I can make my grits, but they’re not the same.”

Kevin Magby is an Eagle Scout from Atlanta and a District Executive for the Southwest Atlanta District.