Kimani Selby Made Friends For Life

Kimani Selby speaks at the Golden Eagle LuncheonA Scout is Friendly, and many Scouts make their best friends through Scouting. Kimani Selby is one of them.

He was a Cub Scout as an elementary schooler, but left the program briefly and missed out on his Arrow of Light. When he returned as a Boy Scout he was determined to stick it out to Eagle.

To help him stay motivated he brought along his friend Omari Matthews. Omari was a classmate of Kimani’s at The Westminster Schools. The two of them quickly bonded through Scouting and became even closer friends. So much so that they continue to support their Troop and attend campouts even after earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

One of the friends’ favorite campouts is their Troop’s annual whitewater rafting trip. They have attended almost every year since returning to Scouting.

Though they’ve had their mishaps, and fallen out of their raft a few times, Kimani and Omari remain best friends for a long time. “In Scouting,” Kimani says, “you make friends for life.”

Kimani Selby is an Eagle Scout from Troop 197 at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia. He told his Scouting story as the Scout Speaker at the 2017 Golden Eagle Luncheon.