Michael Sims Helps Explorers Find Their Way

For Michael Sims, Scouting was more than just a weekly meeting. “I grew up in a home without a father,” he says, “so Scouting really filled that gap for me.” In high school, Michael worked on staff at Woodruff Scout Camp during the summers.

In the health lodge at Woodruff Michael befriended EMTs and firefighters. Michael “realized that this was a career where I could really help people,” so he looked up his local Fire Department’s Exploring Post. He joined the post, which met at the Cherokee County Fire Department.

Exploring led Sims to a job as a firefighter with the Cherokee County Department. Soon after he was hired Sims was tapped to lead the Exploring Post he had joined years earlier.

“It was an easy transition,” he says “because I see myself in the Explorers who come into the station.”

This year Michael and the Explorers at the Cherokee County Fire Department competed with other Posts in the region and took first place in competitions showcasing their skills. Michael is proud to help others succeed and discover a career field he’s deeply passionate about.

“We’ve hired a number of the Explorers I’ve worked with,” he says, “and that’s the most fulfilling part of being an Advisor…seeing them turn this interest in to a career they’re passionate about.”

Michael Sims is a Fire Sergeant and EMT with the Cherokee County Fire Department and an Exploring Advisor.