Pack 1753 Assists with Recycling during Falcons Game

A Falcons fan recycles a canNo good deed comes undone and hard-work never fails, especially when it comes to scouting. Cub Scouts Braylon and Ishmael from Pack 1753 in Southwest Atlanta spent their day volunteering in recycling aluminum cans for Novelis Inc. Company, during the Atlanta Falcons Game, at The Georgia Dome. Their mission was to help contribute to the funding of a Habitat for Humanity Homes, sponsored by Novelis Inc., so that more affordable homes can be built in the Westside Neighborhood of Atlanta.

What they discovered from Novelis is that every year, Georgia throws away $70 million dollars worth of aluminum cans, without ever intentionally preserving them in a recycle bin. The Scouts were so determined to help the organization to reach their goal that they passed the message to other inhabitants in an effort to help the cause. They even made sure that all aluminum cans were placed in recycle bins and not in trash cans.

Cub Scouts recycle cans at the Falcons Game

By the end of the day, the two scouts collected many cans, outside the tailgate with the help of their Cub Master/Program Specialist Joshua Crawford; their mothers, Terika Paggett (Braylon’s mom) and Satekia Wattley (Ishmael’s mom); and over 20 volunteers across the stadium, including Atlanta Falcon Fans.Falcons fans and Cub Scouts recycle cans