School Supply Drive During Uncertain Times

Story written and submitted by Life Scout Elijah

My name is Elijah and I am a 14-year-old Life Scout with Troop 340 in Marietta, Georgia. I joined Scouting when I was in first grade as a tiger at my elementary school. My mom signed me up because she wanted me to get out of my shell and become more confident.

Before Scouts, I was very shy and kept to myself. After joining though, I became more confident and gained Scout brothers that helped me to open up more to others. My Cubmaster, Ms. Janice Thorne, always had us to participate in service projects that involved giving back to the community.

As Cub Scouts, we would pack food for underserved countries and coordinated with our elementary school every year to collect canned goods for families during the holidays.

As a Haitian-American, my mother reminds me of all the benefits and privileges I have, and there are more kids who do not have even 5% of what I have. She reminds me to be thankful and to share with others.

When COVID-19 changed our lives I felt bad for the kids whose parents had to stop working or lost their jobs. I would watch the news to see what was going on in my community and around the country.  It was sad to see people standing in line for food to feed their families. This sight encouraged me to come up with a plan to help my community. With the help of my friends Icesha and Ahubrey we organized a Back to School Supply Drive

I first selected Lockheed Elementary, my Elementary School where I started my Scouting experience to be the school where the donations would go to. I created a flyer and contacted my local printing company Sandy Plains Printing to help me with printing. I printed 240 Flyers and went door to door with my mask on and told my neighbors about my idea and asked them for their support.

I placed bins at my front door with signs saying thank you for your donation and then waited for the donations to come in. Some people placed orders online and had them delivered to our door and other dropped off their donations.

I ran the drive for 1 week and collected over 600 items to make 120 supply packs filled with notebook paper, pencils, composition books, post its, crayons, markers, binders, folders and more.

My simple ask was welcomed by my community, friends and family. I plan to do this every year to help kids in my community have a great start to their school year. 

Thank you to Elijah for submitting your story.