A Classic Scout Prank

Josiah Benator has been a Scoutmaster for over 50 years, he tells the story of a Scout prank that sounds like it could have been perpetrated yesterday. Just about every Troop has that one Scout who just can’t resist the opportunity to get into a little trouble. And Josiah has dealt with his fair share of troublemakers.

Here he tells the story of what happened when one Scout got carried away with a bottle of shaving cream. This story sounds like the same sort of Scout prank you’d see at camp today. It actually happened over forty years ago at Bert Adams Scout Camp. The troublemaker went tent-to-tent while Scoutmaster Josiah wasn’t looking and shaving creamed the rest of his Troop.

This Scout remembered his prank years later, when he brought a can of shaving cream to his Eagle Court of Honor and gave it to his Scoutmaster.

Josiah Benator has been the Scoutmaster of Troop 73 for over fifty-eight years. He earned the Eagle Scout rank in 1943.