Scout Show at the Atlanta Stadium

Back in the day, the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium and other venues around the city would play host to an annual Scout Show. Troops from across Atlanta would gather to show off their skills and view various variety acts. Buddy Ray’s Troop participated in one such Scout Show when he was Scoutmaster.

Troop 67, Buddy’s Troop, was assigned to build a Pioneering project on the field during the show. They practiced for weeks, and designed a gateway that they could easily carry onto the field, build, tear down and then take away. Their timing was impeccable, their poles were cut to exactly the right length. They even had pre-cut rope.

On the night of the show, though, the Troop ran out onto the field as planned, but the gateway was a bit harder to put up than they anticipated.

Buddy Ray is a recipient of the Silver Beaver award and was the long-time Scoutmaster of Troop 67.