Scouting as a Second Family

The Harris family loves spending time together outdoors. In fact, Lester and Apryl met during a BALOO training, and have enjoyed camping together ever since.

The couple thinks it’s important that their boys have the opportunity to learn key life lessons such as how to overcome adversity and how to work as a team while they’re out in the woods.

One of the Harris’ sons is a highly functioning autistic child, who Apryl says “…has found acceptance,” through his time in Scouting. He has made friends “who don’t judge him, and who just say ‘Come on, let’s play, let’s have a good time.'”

When their son was struggling to complete the Swimming merit badge, other Scouts in the Troop came to his side and worked with him to complete the requirements. Apryl still gets emotional retelling the story in the video below, because seeing others step up to help her children means so much.

“That’s what the Scouting program does,” Apryl says, “You have a whole family of people there to love and support your children.”

Lester and Apryl Harris are the parents of two Scouts and leaders in Troop 394 and the Soapstone Ridge District.