Scouting Assists a Single Mother

Carol Beavers is a single mother whose son is in Scouting to learn the things she can’t teach him on her own. She may not have the time or experience to take him camping. She can’t teach him how to relate to and lead other youth. Scouting does all of this for Deaven and provides strong male role models for him.

Watching Deaven grow up in Scouting, Carol says that she’s seen an overwhelming growth in his character and leadership abilities. Being a single mother is difficult, having a community of like-minded role models through Scouting makes it easier for Carol. “The Scouts represent a reinforcement of everything I’m teaching him,” she says, of her son’s time in Boy Scouts.

Carol Beavers son Deaven is a Boy Scout in Troop 122 at Walton Communities in Austell, Georgia.