Scouting in Smyrna Celebrates 95 Years!

Troop 1 from Silver Comet District celebrated their 95th year charted at Log Cabin Church with a party on May 5th. This was a time for a community to come together and celebrate the long-lasting impact the Boy Scouts of America programs have had on their lives.

The church donated the land to Troop 1 many years ago and they built their Scout Hut here and has become a place where Scouting thrives. Over the years, hundreds of lives have been impacted at Troop 1 and Pack 1’s meetings. This Scout Hut has become a meeting place not only for the Troop but for families and the community as well. Having this space for the Scouts to call their own has created a sense of community. It is a place where they can meet with fellow Scouts, but also invite members of their neighborhood to share their space.

While celebrating the 95th year Troop 1 and Pack 1 hosted their advancement ceremonies. Like any Scouting event, fun was had by all as the Scouts and families celebrated with cupcakes and water rockets after the ceremonies concluded. Since the Troop and Pack share a space they are able to work together and learn from each other. The older Scouts make sure the younger Scouts are staying safe while still having fun, this give the Cub Scouts role models to look up to and stick with the transformative programs that Scouting provides.

Mark, a leader from Pack 1, said, “It is amazing that we have been able to be in this community with the church’s support for so long.”

Reaching 95 years of Scouting is certainly something to celebrate! Troop 1 and Pack 1, with the support of Log Cabin Church and their community, have made an incredible impact on the lives of so many. We are excited to see what they will accomplish in the next 95!

Troop 1 was chartered in 1924 and Pack 1 was chartered shortly after in the 1930’s once Cub Scouting was started.