Scouts in Button Gwinnett District Serve VA Medical Center

Photos contributed by the VA Medical Center

Scouts are taking this time to make a difference in the lives of those in their community around them.

A group of five Scouts and eight adult volunteers from three different Troops within the Button Gwinnett District in the Atlanta Area Council, BSA answered the call to volunteer their time and equipment to the VA Medical Center in Decatur, GA. 

Due to COVID-19, employees and patients were restricted to only one access point and needed extra space for screening. The Scouts installed tents that they would normally use for Day Camp and they created a new path at the VA site. This provided weather and sun protection for the employees as they wait to be screened and enter the building.

The Scouts also made sure there were proper social distancing markers for the employees to enter safely. This was a collaborative project that helped the community and used recourses that they already had to benefit others.

Scouts are “Doers,” and the coronavirus shutdown required Scouts and adult volunteers to come up with new and creative ways to DO something – to help other people at all times. The Atlanta Area Council is proud to have Scouts like these in Button Gwinnett District who answered a call and helped with their time and resources to aid veterans and VA Medical Center employees in a time of need.

Jenny Chapin, Volunteer Council Commissioner

Scouts were Ethan Brown, Patrick Elder, Jonathan D’Anna, Ryan Shoupe, David Bone, and Michael Holtmann plus each had a parent, along with Craig, Jenny Chapin, Bob Chapin and Zach joined us on Monday for the re-do.