Scouts Sell Popcorn to Fund their Program

Scouts show off their wares during the Board of Directors MeetingWhere there is a will, there is a way! That was the attitude of five Scouts, who volunteered and sold more than $500 dollars worth of popcorn at a Board of Directors Meeting at the Atlanta Area Council, last Wednesday.

Senior Patrol Leader Gregory and Patrol Leader Leonardo of Troop 340, led a group of Cub Scouts in assisting in raising $3 million dollars for Scouting. These Scouts even assisted in passing out flyers and greeting guests as they arrived at the event.

Nehemiah of Pack 1914 raised over $300 dollars worth of Popcorn, a week before the meeting, and is currently working his way into selling $2500 dollars worth of Popcorn. His mother, a Den Leader in the Pack, has joined in to help him achieve his goal:

I’m so proud of Nehemiah. I truly want him to get the best out of scouting and to become one of the Council’s Top Popcorn Sellers.

So far each of the scouts set a goal for themselves to become Top-Sellers so that they can go to Six Flags and even get tickets to an Atlanta Hawks Game. Scouts greet board members

The Scouts were presented to the Board of Directors during their meeting with the help of their Cubmaster/Scoutmaster Joshua Crawford and their supporting parents. Because of their success, they were recognized and praised by many of the Board Members, including the Scout Executive/CEO of the Atlanta Area Council, Tracy Techau.

“I’m was so excited for these young men,” said Techau. “They truly represented Scouting well and proved to be quite strong leaders.”

Scouts stand with Tracy Techau and their popcorn

Near the end of the event, the Scouts were awarded Hawks Jerseys, Scout Hats and patches for their hard-work and salesmanship in selling Popcorn for Scouting.

Scouts are awarded for their hard work selling popcorn