Summer Camp was Marcus’ Favorite

For Marcus Lovelace, the best part of every year of Scouting was summer camp. Marcus attended Bert Adams Scout Camp as both a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout.

It was at Summer Camp that Marcus learned how to swim, rappel, climb and lead groups of his peers. He overcame his fears of public speaking, heights and open water at Bert Adams.

On later trips to camp, Marcus even signed up for his own classes and activities without consulting his mother. This led to a big surprise when he returned from camp one summer with a certificate for completing COPE. COPE stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, and is a team building and high ropes activity for older Scouts. Marcus’ mother Deborah had no idea what COPE was until after he returned from camp proudly holding up his certificate for finishing the course.

As an Eagle Scout, Marcus feels that Scouting has dramatically altered the course of his life. And as a mother, Deborah is proud of her son and glad that he got to experience as much as he did throughout his childhood in Scouting.

Marcus Lovelace is an Eagle Scout from Troop 963 in Riverdale. His mother, Deborah, signed him up for Cub Scouts as an elementary schooler and encouraged him to stay involved until he earned his Eagle Scout Rank in 2015.