Superintendent Pritz Learned his Lesson

Years before he became the superintendent of the Douglas County School District, Dr. Gordon Pritz was a Senior Patrol Leader in his Boy Scout Troop.

Dr. Pritz joined Scouting while his father was stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. His Scoutmaster, Sgt. Al Brooks, taught him a lot about what true leadership looks like during his time in the Troop.

An ambitious young man, Dr. Gordon Pritz earned the Eagle Scout rank when he was 12 1/2 years old. He also briefly served as the Troop’s Senior Patrol Leader.

Sgt. Brooks demoted Gordon from his position as Senior Patrol Leader to Troop Scribe on a Troop outing for putting his own interests before those of the Troop.

Years later, Dr. Pritz attributes much of his leadership style and ability to that moment. It is one of many lessons that have stuck with him from his time in Scouting, which he passes on to Scouts and community leaders in his role in the education system.

Dr. Gordon Pritz earned the Eagle Scout Rank in 1968. He now serves as Superintendent of Schools for the Douglas County School District. He continues to support Scouting from an educator’s perspective and frequently recognizes local Eagle Scouts during Board of Education meetings.