The Buffalo Soldiers Patrol

Boy Scout Troops are broken down into smaller groups of about 6-12 Scouts called Patrols; each Patrol has their own patch, flag and yell. And although he’s traveled the country and the world in Scouting, Arnett Mumford’s favorite patch in his collection is still his old Buffalo Soldiers Patrol patch.

The Buffalo Soldiers Patrol was named after the African American cavalry units that fought during the American Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War and many other conflicts up through the 1950s. The original Buffalo Soldiers earned their name from the Native Americans. The term is still used today for military units that can trace their history back to the original Buffalo Soldiers of the 1800s.

Arnett explains that this patch, even though it’s not a collectible, is extremely important to him. It’s a physical reminder of the way Scouting taught him more about who he is. And it’s a poignant reminder of where he comes from.

Arnett Mumford is a volunteer and board member with the Atlanta Area Council. He currently serves as Scoutmaster to Troops 100 and 104.