The future of Scouting in Atlanta is bright!

Every child deserves the chance to become a leader by joining Scouts. Each fall, the Atlanta Area Council endeavors to share with families the fun adventures, life skills, and leadership opportunities available to their child in Scouting. This year, our goal was to welcome 6,500 new families into the Scouting program. Through the hard work and dedication of our leaders, Scouts, parents, and Council staff members, we are thrilled to announce that over 8,000 new Scouts have joined the Atlanta Area Council family!

Starting in August, Atlanta Area Council district staff members got to work. Every day, they visited classrooms across metro Atlanta to get youth excited about Scouting, and our team of countless leaders and volunteers capitalized on it! Thank you to every adult and youth that worked a school sign-up night, hosted a recruitment event, or invited a friend to Scouting! Your dedication this fall was responsible for a 39% growth in new Cub Scouts from 2021.

The Atlanta Area Council has seen some of the best membership growth in the nation in both 2021 and 2022 thanks to excellent leadership from our VP of Recruitment Doug Turner, Fall Recruitment Chair Jill Robinson, and Council New Member Coordinator Bert Bender. We would also like to give special recognition to Chick-fil-a and Novelis for their sponsorship of this year’s Launch Kits and the Atlanta Braves for providing funding to ensure all new Cub Scouts received a handbook!

Scouting is bouncing back from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are already beginning to see the results at the District and Council levels from such strong recruitment efforts. Events like Spooky-Ree and Conservation Weekend were fully registered after increasing their respective capacities. New events like First Year Scout Skills, Winter Jubilee (registration is open!), and additional Specialty Merit Badge Days are being developed to satisfy an appetite for more Scouting programs.

Such an influx of new youth is exciting and creates a bright future for Scouting in metro Atlanta, and the best way to keep up the momentum is to get involved! In Scouting – particularly in Cub Scouts, parent/guardian involvement leads to a more worthwhile experience for youth. If your child has just joined Cub Scouts or you have the ability to get more involved, consider becoming a volunteer. Start by talking with your Den Leader or Cubmaster to see how you can help!

Thank you for your dedication to welcoming so many new families to Scouting and congratulations on a successful fall recruiting season! Let’s keep this momentum going!