The Impact a Volunteer Can Make on Others

On October 20, 2020, the Atlanta Area Council hosted the Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Awards Luncheon virtually. This national award is presented to individuals and organizations who provide exceptional service for disadvantaged youth by developing Scouting in challenging urban and rural areas.

Nigel is an Eagle Scout and was our Scout speaker for the Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Awards Luncheon.

When he was a Scout Nigel leaned on his Scouting volunteers to support and encourage him to succeed. Nigel’s Scoutmasters made sure to instill in him values that he uses to this day:

Anything you do, do to your full service. When you go to help someone, make sure it is met. When asked to show up, make sure you show up prepared. If you are going to do something don’t do it halfway.

Leaders, might not know what impact they or Scouting has on a child’s life. Because of the work our volunteers do, it not only allows our youth a place to have fun but also a place to build pillars of excellence in their academics, personal and social lives.

Scouting has changed Nigel’s life and prepared him for his future. Scouting gave him mentors and role models he could look up to and ask questions. Scouting became more than an extracurricular to put on his resume and get into college, Scouting changed who he was and his character and values.

As a young student, Nigel worked hard at every step of his journey. He earned scholarships to attend some of the best schools. He attended The Westminster School where he went to his first Scout meeting. Nigel then went on to Vanderbilt University where he earned a degree in Engineering and Finance. He was awarded a fellowship from his alma mater to travel to 22 countries to study the impact of fatherhood by interviewing children and families about their fathers in each country – a subject close to his heart, as he reflected on his own father’s absence in his life.

Today, as a teacher Nigel works each day to instill the values he learned in Scouting into his young students