Tina Kerr Saw Her Son Grow

Tina Kerr thought her oldest son was going to drop out of Scouting. At the beginning of his sixth grade year, he told her that he “just didn’t feel like one of the guys.” Tina got nervous, because she knew that Scouting was a positive social influence on her introverted son.

She told him that he should at least stay in Boy Scouts through the first year and see how he felt as a seventh grader. In her mind, she thought she would just keep saying this every year until he graduated.

Then Michael went on his first 50 Mile Backpacking Trek. He came back from the trek grinning from ear-to-ear and standing taller than ever before. Tina saw massive growth in him after that one week, and Michael said he was excited to stay involved because now he was finally able to apply what he’d learned.

Today Michael and his brother are both still involved in Scouting. And even though he’s only fourteen he’s fully dedicated and almost halfway to becoming an Eagle Scout.

Tina Kerr is a parent, leader and volunteer with Pack and Troop 772 in Marietta, GA.