Trent Trees Saved Two Boys

This story was submitted by Tracy Trees, wife of Trent Trees and mother of Eagle Scouts Todd and Anthony Trees.

Trent TreesIt was April 4, 2017 and we were vacationing in Destin, Florida.  The rip current was really bad that day.  The lifeguards were traveling up and down the beach telling people to stay out of the water.  Little did we know, that there had been 12 rescues and a man from Georgia had drowned trying to save his daughter and her friend just down the beach from where we were.

As we sat on the beach that afternoon it was getting late and we were deciding what time to leave. Around 4:00 PM we started packing things up and we were going to leave but decided “let’s stay a little while longer”.

While we sat back down in our chairs enjoying the Gulf breeze my step-dad said “Look at that boy in the water, I think he is in trouble!” We all looked and the next thing I knew my husband, Trent Trees, was gone.

He flew out of his chair and ran towards the water. As I ran for help, knowing my husband was about to make a rescue, I was scared he might get into trouble himself with the rip current being so bad.

Before Trent reached the water another boy had went in to try to save the boy in trouble.  People were standing on the beach watching in panic as the boy continued to go underwater and was pulled farther and farther out.

The other boy who went out to try to save the first was now in trouble too.  It didn’t take long for Trent to assess the situation and decide someone needed to rescue both of the boys. Trent took off his glasses, shirt, and hat and turned to a little girl and said “Here hold these!”

Another man looked at Trent and held his hand out in front of him and said “No Wait!” Trent looked at the man and said “There is no time, I have to go now!”

Trent dove into the water and swam through the crashing waves and reached both boys. At this point the first boy had taken on a lot of water and his eyes were rolling back. Trent went underwater and pushed the boy up to get air. Then he grabbed the other boy and pulled both of them towards the shore. He brought them to the shallows, with the first boy still struggling, coughing and spitting up water. As Trent was pulling both boys in something amazing happened. The people that were standing on the beach watching all of this unfold had formed a human train into the water to meet Trent as he brought the boys to shore. They helped him carry both boys to shore and make sure they were ok.

Keep in mind, Trent Trees is 59 years old and physically I was worried he wouldn’t have the stamina to  fight through the rip current and waves. All those years in Boy Scouts, all those first aid, life saving techniques, survival skills and life guard training had paid off. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it.

God works in mysterious ways. We could have left the beach earlier that day, but for some reason we decided to stay longer. There is not doubt in my mind those boys would have been another casualty that day. To listen to Trent tell the story he would tell you it was “God’s Wink!” Trent said, “God put me there that day, and I just did what He told me to.”  As Trent’s wife, I didn’t second guess my husband. Although I feared for his life, I also know my husband. He is a selfless man and knew he had the training from his time in Scouting to save those boys.  I knew I couldn’t have stopped him from going into that water, because he did what just came naturally to him.  Looking back, Trent never even thought “I could die too.”  All he knew was that someone had to step into action and save those boys. In my eyes and the eyes of God, You, Trent Trees are a true hero!

This story was submitted by Tracy Trees, wife of Trent Trees and mother of Eagle Scouts Todd and Anthony Trees.