Trey’s Journey to 138 Merit Badges

Trey is an Eagle Scout from Troop 1776, in the Foothills district, who has earned 138 merit badges.

You read that number right, Trey has earned all the merit badges one can earn as a Scout. This is an amazing feat of Scouting.

He joined Scouting in elementary school and enjoyed his time in Cub Scouts but was excited to cross over to the older Scout program. When he earned his first merit badge he knew that he wanted to try them all.

That is when he set the lofty goal of earning all 138 merit badges. He knew that it would be tough and time-consuming but as he said, “I am a completionist, I like pushing myself further and I didn’t really know where to stop.”

The entire journey took 6 years, from his first weekend trip with his Troop to a couple days before his 17th birthday.

Trey is a Junior at Pope High School in Cobb County and is duel-enrolled at Kennesaw State University.

To hear more about Trey’s story and find out what his least favorite merit badge to earn was take a look below: