Visiting all of the High Adventure Bases

Michael is a 17-year-old Eagle Scout from Troop 316. He’s been to Sea Base and Swamp Base, but his new goal is to visit every BSA High Adventure Base before he turns twenty-one. His friends Alexander, Addison and Ethan are joining him on many of the trips. They sat down to talk about their first two trips during Campout 100, and shared stories and memories from once-in-a-lifetime high adventure experiences.

At Sea Base, Michael and friends spent a week on sail boats exploring the Florida coast. They caught and cooked their own food, learned about boating and even snorkeled over coral reefs. It was their first taste of High Adventure, and the foundation of their lifelong friendships.Michael at Sea Base, his first High Adventure

At Swamp Base, the Scouts took kayaks and canoes through 70 miles of Louisiana swamps. They paddled against wind, storms and mud to see the sights of an often ignored wilderness. Over the course of the week they shot blow darts, rode in air boats and saw 36 gators.Swamp Base, the second High Adventure

Today, the four Scouts (originally hailing from three different Troops) credit their time on High Adventure treks for building their friendships, strengthening their Scouting skills and giving them memories they’ll never forget.

Michael and his friends have visited two of the five High Adventure bases on their list so far. They plan to attend NAYLE at the Summit this Summer; they’ll round out the list with Northern Tier and Philmont in 2017.