Watching the Perseids at Northern Tier

Terry Wullschleger and his wife were never blessed with children, but when someone from their church asked they gladly volunteered as leaders for Troop 61 in Smyrna, Georgia. Terry had been a Scout when he was younger. And though he never reached the Eagle Rank he felt compelled to give back. He has served the Troop for over 30 years,  and says his favorite part has been a number of trips to Northern Tier.

Terry never attended Northern Tier as a youth, but he had always loved to canoe and fish. Going on a 60-100 mile canoeing trip seemed like a dream come true to the longtime boater. And so when the opportunity arose he went along with his Troop.

He says his favorite experience out of his various trips was an evening spent at Shade Lake in late August. On the last night of their trek the Troop were eating dinner on the shore of the lake when the Perseid Meteor Shower appeared overhead. They sat on the banks and stared up at the meteors for hours. When their necks got tired they watched the reflection of the meteors on the surface of the lake.

“Scouting is in my blood…” Terry says, “…and you just can’t have experiences like that anywhere else.”

Terry Wullschleger is an Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 61 in Smyrna, Georgia and a canoeing instructor at the Atlanta Area Council’s Allatoona Aquatics Base.