What NYLT Did for Paige

Paige didn’t think she was a leader and she didn’t really want to attend a leadership course. The course changed her life, and years later she’s spent hundreds of hours as a participant and a staffer at National Youth Leadership Training.

Paige was a Venturer who attended a few camp-outs, but didn’t really feel connected to the program. She hadn’t made many friends and didn’t feel like she was learning much. Then her parents convinced her to attend National Youth Leadership Training.

At first, Paige didn’t feel like she fit in at NYLT either. However, by the end of the week she had grown close to her Guide and Patrol. Then she realized she had actually learned a lot about leadership.

The next summer, Paige returned to NYLT as a staff member. She passed on the lessons she had learned and built leadership into other people. Paige has since worked with dozens of Scouts and Venturers, training them in leadership and team dynamics.

Hear how NYLT affected Paige, in her own words in the video below.

This story was submitted by Paige, a National Youth Leadership Training staffer who has been involved with the program since 2013. To learn more about NYLT and what it can do for your Scouts, click here.