Forever Grateful to Our Scouting Volunteers

Our hearts are full this Thanksgiving, remembering our blessings and how grateful we are for your support.

To all the parents and families who support the Scouts, thank you. There are a lot of good things that compete for your time, and yet you take the time to encourage your youth to participate in Scouting. There are many of us who are in Scouting today because of the encouragement of caring parents. Thank you for doing your best to make Scouting a success in your Pack, Troop or Crew. Thank you!

To all the Scout moms and dads who spend endless hours driving to pow wows, sewing on patches, and helping complete Merit Badges – with enthusiasm and encouraging words. We thank you for your enduring service and care.

To the volunteers who spend time on other people’s children, so the world will be better for all of us. Thank you for living as an example to the youth. Thank you for spending hours in training, and even more time in a sleeping bag –be it sun, rain, or snow. We thank you for teaching, leading and guiding the leaders of tomorrow.

To all the camp staff and camp volunteers who spend their summers in the mountains, thank you. Thank you for making it possible for the youth to experience the outdoors, connect with nature, gain confidence, make friends, and develop testimonies. Thank you for running quality programs, and managing the safety of campers.

To the community, thank you for your high expectations of the youth. We thank you for giving them opportunities to serve and develop leadership. Thank you for making a difference.

To the Scouts who work towards becoming worthy and able future leaders, thank you. Thank you for living the Scout Oath and Law, even when the world may tell you to do otherwise. Thank you for being honorable and dedicating your time to service and “do a good turn daily.” Thank you for your spirit, smiles, and bravery. You make all we do worth it.

Thank you.